Misanthropy in Five Easy Lessons


I've made the decision to move my blog here. Anyone who's enjoyed or
hated this blog is warmly invited to follow my k'vithing adventures
over there.

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I'm really liking the new blog. I need input, people!

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Their magical day, part two.

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I need advice

I'm debating moving over to blogger. Here she is, tell me what you think.

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The wedding of the year, part one.

(watch the videos, especially the second one. Mary Kay Letourneau is hot!)

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aunt sent me a letter last week. It was very encouraging, which was
nice. I guess she'd talked to my uncle and he said I'd sounded down or

Anyway, she included some childhood pictures of me. It was cool - I hadn't seen some of them before.

It was kinda painful too, though. Looking at myself as a child, wondering what the fuck happened to my life.

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I don't understand why I'm like this or how I got this way.

I'm so lazy, all the time. I don't even do fun things half the time
because of the effort. I don't exercise, eat well, I don't even read

As I was cleaning out my cupboards last week, I came across my old
music books. That's the only thing I can remember actually working at,
my voice lessons in Grande Prairie. As far as everything else, I've

I don't even meditate. I have to get the whole house clean first. I told
Devon that and she recognized it for the silliness it is. She told me to do the things I enjoy. Why don't I?

I slept away most of yesterday, felt self-loathing when I was awake.
The more depressed and lazy I am, the more baths I have. I had two
yesterday (on top of my morning shower), have had one so far today.

I'm fighting a huge desire to go back to bed right now. What's the
point of being awake? I feel like I have nothing to look forward to. No
trips, no school, no relationships. Just killing time until I don't
know what.

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